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Project Description

Canyoning in the Pyrenees

A beautiful and complete activity: going down through mountain streams in very spectacular locations. During the descent we will find jumps, slides and other secrets of the river that we will have to overcome. An activity for everyone in a wild and beautiful environment: the rivers of the Pyrenees: a very special day!

Aigueta de Barbaruens, Viandico Ravine, the Cascadas de Liri and many more places where our guides will take care of you to live an exciting adventure.

Activity from € 55 per person.

Check with Alberto for availability and conditions.


Do you have to bring food and drink?2018-01-16T06:20:54+01:00

Yes. Depending on the schedule of the activity we will stop before, during, or after it for a light picnic, drink and rest.

What shoes should I wear?2018-01-15T18:30:33+01:00

It is about wearing a light, comfortable and adherent footwear that protects the foot as much as possible.

What is the best time?2018-01-15T18:28:05+01:00

The canyon varies in each season of the year. After the rains and the thaw they have more water (which is colder), so they require more technique, and in summer the flow decreases and even disappears, so there are usually more people.

The water is very cold?2018-01-15T18:24:26+01:00

Between 8ºC and 15ºC depending on the time of year and location. Although with the neoprene you do not even notice!

Do you need to know how to swim?2018-01-15T18:21:04+01:00

In water ravines the water can cover our whole body and in areas you have to swim. Although the material helps us to float, we must inform Alberto beforehand to choose a level river canyon.

Should a preparation or an improvement be done with a good physical shape?2018-01-15T18:17:05+01:00

No specific preparation is necessary. We adapt your activity to your level so that you have a good day, although the higher your physical level the more you will enjoy the adventure.

How is a day of canyoning carried out?2018-01-15T13:15:30+01:00

Well breakfasted and with the necessary material in the vehicle, we will go to the starting point of the approach. Afterwards, we will arrive walking to the bed of the river or the river canyon. There we will put the neoprene and the harness, if necessary. Jumps, slides, siphons, rappels … await us in a spectacular natural environment. Walking, swimming, diving … we follow the channel downwards while discovering its valuable ecosystem.

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