Can it be practiced in the rain?

Rafting is an activity that can be done with rain and does not represent a problem for the development of descents. Also, remember that the neoprene suit will warm you and protect your body.

Can it be practiced in the rain?2018-01-16T06:48:55+01:00

What do i need to bring?

In each of our excursions we will give you all the necessary equipment to practice this adventure. We advise you to bring: a towel and a swimsuit.

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Do I need previous experience?

It is not necessary that you have any previous experience to be able to make our excursions. Our team of professional guides will ensure that you enjoy one day pure fun, as if you were a true "rafting veteran". They will accompany you at all times so that you feel totally safe, and live this exit as the best of your vacations.

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What is the age limit?

Be more than 5 years to carry out the Rafting "Familiar" and more than 14 for the Rafting "Pyramids".

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Can I do rafting even if I can not swim?

Not knowing how to swim is not an impediment for you to enjoy this outing. Among the equipment we deliver, a lifejacket is included that will prevent you from diving underwater. In addition, during the descent, a professional guide will be by your side at all times, and a safety kayaker will follow your raft permanently.

Can I do rafting even if I can not swim?2018-01-16T06:33:21+01:00
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